Friday, August 3, 2012

Not your rox, not my rox, Glamourax

I use the immigrant card a lot.  If I don't get an allusion, or am introduced to a fairly common word I should know by now... I just say I'm an immigrant.  Yes, I was 5 when I came to the United States, and yes... I've been in advanced English since 4th grade.... and yes, I'm a US Citizen.  But I remain an immigrant, and with the immigrant card comes the immigrant name.  Arax.  It's beautiful... but it's been mispronounced more often than it's been pronounced.  So... at the age of 14, I developed a riddle for it.  Not your rox, not my rox, Arax.  This riddle was the solution to my years of agony every time I was asked if my name sounds like uh-racks, or if it's kinda like rax-city trick, rack rack raxity... and my personal favorite does it rhyme with Ajax?  I embraced the name, and befriended the riddle. 
Long story [not] so short,  I chose to pursue a career in hair and makeup instead of law school.  I would much prefer to make people prettier than to spend my days lawyering - especially if I have a tendency to makeup words like lawyering because I'm just too lazy to write down the duties of lawyers to really substantiate a fair comparison of why I chose the beauty industry instead of the legal field.  Eh, what are you gonna do.
So now I do hair and I do makeup.  I'm pretty good, but my skills are nowhere near my taste.  I'll get there though.  And unlike other pretentious pompous stylists (by pretentious and pompous I mean much more experienced and accomplished than myself) I'll share every step of the way with you.
I'm not an artist, I just want to make everyone look the best they possibly can.  I'll work glamour.  My name is Arax.  Glamourax.  You see what I did there?  Not your rox, not my rox, not Arax, but Glamourax. Welcome.

- Arax 

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